contemporary jewellery by Rose Wood

Flow Ring


The soft irregular edges of this ring are inspired by the smooth, organic shapes found in nature. The soft warm colour is the result  of mixing silver and 9ct yellow gold during the casting process. Salt and pepper diamonds have been scattered on it's surface and the ring has been smoothed and given a sandy matt finish to compliment these.

Material: Recycled Sterling Silver and 9ct yellow gold mix
Gems: Salt and pepper diamonds
Thickness: Varies - around 4mm wide at thickest point
Ring Shape - Irregular

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April’s birthstone, the diamond is the most celebrated gemstone on Earth. Its symbol for love and affection is recognized around the world. The Ancient Romans and Greeks shared very similar beliefs when it came to mythology. And the role of the April birthstone was among them. These beliefs were very powerful, including ideas that diamonds were tears of the Gods or pieces that had broken off of fallen stars.