contemporary jewellery by Rose Wood

Rainwashed Ammonite Ring


A  delicate ring made from sterling silver with a cast ammonite fossil, it has a salt and pepper diamond which has been set using 18ct yellow gold for a glimmer of colour.  Both diamonds and ammonites  formed deep in the earth millions of years ago and this ring celebrates the rich history and hidden treasures of our planet.

Band Material: Sterling Silver
Setting Material: 18ct yellow gold
Gemstone: Salt and pepper diamond
Ring width: 2mm
Stone size: 2.5mm
Ring Size: O

The earliest ammonites appear during the Devonian, and the last species vanished in the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, a geological period that lasted from about 145 to 66 million years ago.

The name "ammonite", from which the scientific term is derived, was inspired by the spiral shape of their fossilized shells, which somewhat resemble tightly coiled rams' horns.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone of April and holds significant meaning for those born in that month, thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength.