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Ring Carving Kit with Silver Ring


Ring Carving Kit with Silver Ring

Carve a ring from wax in the comfort of your own home then post it back to have it cast in solid silver. We finish and polish your ring to your specifications and post it back to you.

How it works:

Carve your ring at home, you can make it any shape you like, get creative and make something completely unique. You will also be carving your rings to size for a perfect fit.

When you're happy with your ring, post it back to us in the pre-paid envelope and we will cast, finish and polish the ring before posting it back to you.

You can choose a smooth shiny finish or a soft matt finish. Gold plating is also an option (For an extra £40.00).

We aim to cast and post your ring back to you within 3 weeks (Gold plated rings will take up to 6 weeks).

There are two waxes in your box, one is to practice and there are two sizes so you can choose the thickness of your ring.

If you would like to cast both the rings you make, there is the option to cast the second one in silver for an extra £45.

Rings are sand-cast which means you can have multiple rings cast from one wax  - If you would like multiples of your favourite ring, this can be arranged too for an extra £45 per ring. Details for how to do this are in the box.  

The sand-casting technique that we use here will not show up extra fine details. This kit is best used for creating unusual shaped rings with interesting facets or textures.

Your kit includes:

1 x 6mm wide ring cast
1 x 8mm wide ring cast
2 x craft knifes
1 x lighter
1 x candle
1 x rubber thimble (to protect your thumb)
1 x instruction booklet with design sheets
1 x pencil
1 x rough sandpaper
2 x fine emery paper
1 x finish form with prepaid UK return envelope

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